Air freight -The Fast Way

If you want your shipments to reach their destination fast and safely, they must be given wings. In many cases, you’ll also save money while bridging countries and continents. Our airfreight services are ideal for your more “sensitive” shipments: technical equipment, computers, high grade goods, textiles and perishable commodities. For customers in a hurry, our airfreight department offers a number of options for shipments all over the world in the fastest, safest and most appropriate way possible. Rapid and direct transportation with the next available flight, consolidated shipments on regularly departing flights and cost-cutting combinations of sea and air freighting are just the tip of the iceberg.



Import / Export   Import / Export
Import / Export   Route design and consultation
Import / Export   Regular itineraries
Import / Export   Priority bookings
Import / Export   Tailored updating and pre-notification
Import / Export   Harmless/hazardous cargo
Import / Export   Air consolidation
Import / Export   Perishable goods & commodities
Import / Export   Collections/deliveries
Import / Export   Cargo insurance
Import / Export   First rate, certified documentation
Import / Export   Airport clearance & Customs clearance
Import / Export   Warehouse handling


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